Shem Beck's portrait

Hello World!

From NorCal's fog, sunshine, music, and redwoods, to the mind-expanding rigors of UCLA's Anthropolgy and Creative Writing academia. From the hills, cultures, and music of West Africa, to the spiritual disciplines of Jerusalem. From the pressures and challenges of building houses and running live production companies, to intensive design learning, building a successful coffee brand, and designing SaaS's. Welcome to my life in pictures!

Hello world! Thanks for visiting my website! Here's a little about me and how I got to where I am:

I was born in the SF bay, amongst a beautiful tapestry of music and converging cultures. These interests drove me to gain a B.A. with honors in Cultural Studies from UCLA's department of World Arts & Cultures, where I delved deeply into concepts such as how culture molds our identities and perceptions, how art becomes an ethical mandate and powerful tool for social advocacy, and how music serves as a preeminent, vital unifying force of healing in the face of individual and societal trauma. This last concept, along with my deep love of Jazz piano, guitar, and African rhythm, led me to study abroad in Ghana, West Africa, where my worldview was serendipitously dismantled. The subsequent quest to resolve this individual cultural revolution led me through a spiritual journey through Buddhist meditation, Christian texts, Toaist riddles, and ultimately to Israel, where I studied Jewish thought for many years. There, while not studying or playing music, I busied myself with work as an audio engineer, a building contractor, and my existential baby: a 501(c)3 non-profit which aims to heal the world's suffering ecology and fragmented social mosiac. It was this project which highlighted to me the necessity, power and magic of compelling design, and, along with my innate interest in anything creative and artistic, launched me into a year-long intensive digital design course. This course covered an incredible amount of material and included personal mentorships with experienced veteran designers, whose hard-earned wisdom was invaluable; I was soon immersed in the world of design, and my original conviction that this path was well suited to my anthropological training and natural skills proved correct. Cheers to the journey of life!

What's my next chapter?

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