Blessed is the

Aesthetic Usability Effect: A phenomenon in which people find a more aesthetically pleasing product easier to use than a less-aesthetic design — even if they're functionally identical.

An aesthetically outdated desktop-based scheduling platform for churches receives a SAAS-transformation and UX revival.

Feel the Power

Admin/user, multi-tenency functionality –
in the palm of your hands!

Efficient and Consistent

cross-platform design systems

design systems design system components

A table of elements

To facilitate greater efficiency and consistency in both design and development, I created and catalogued a library of hundreds of reusable components to serve as the foundational building blocks of our UI/UX.

To save time and resources and preserve cross-platform brand consistency, I leveraged these same components (rebranded with different styles and colors) as a similarly über useful design system for one of Rotunda's other products, Unison (see Unison case study for more about that).

design system components