Stephen Beck

/ˈ stiːvn • bɛk ˈ/ noun

A broad-skilled digital product designer with an exceptional ability to execute intuitive, elegant designs that solve complex, challenging use cases and increase product value.


Stephen is a master of his craft, able to define a long-term vision for building... a much better product while simultaneously indentifying quick wins in the short-term to execute that vision and increase trial conversion.

Craig McDonald | Product Executive

Stephen is head and shoulders above the norm. He approaches every project with determination, vigor, and empathy for both the end users and the front-end developers implementing his designs. If you have an opportunity to hire Stephen, you should... as he has a tendency to make all those around him successful.

Josh Stephens | Builder, Teacher, Operator, Investor

[Stephen's] ability to understand and break down complex UI/UX challenges across an extremely technical product has not only resulted in a better UI/UX for BackBox but also offered the team new views on actual underlying issues that were holding back feature adoption. He is a first-class member of the product team and would be an asset to anyone who needs a UI/UX LEADER.

Perry Greenwood | Principal Product Manager



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